About Frunbu

Over the course of a number of weeks I couldn't help but notice how unstructured and dynamic their work week was... the nature of the beast you might think, well that's certainly true and there's nothing that we or anyone else can do that will materially change the was that this sector operates. Anyway, very often... and very often in my presence they would all at one time or another be changing their plans at very short notice i.e. because a job wasn't ready for them when it was supposed to be ready, because they might be overrunning themselves on a job and would need to reschedule where they were supposed to be working next, because it was raining and they were supposed to be working outside, because the materials they needed for the job might not have arrived - you get the picture, things just change and quite often for reasons that were beyond their own direct control.
In some instances these guys could just go and do some work elsewhere, but at other times this wasn't an option meaning that they wouldn't be getting paid for their unplanned downtime. This is where I came up with the idea for Frunbu tha app. It occured to me that if they were in need of some work at short notice (i.e. this afternoon, the day after tomorrow, on Friday), then someone locally would probably need someone just like them to do some work for them. I just had to come up with a solution that had the capability to quickly and easily connect the two together. This is what Frunbu does, it's a very simple solution to a very common problem. I hope you like it, the very early version that we are about to launch is just the start of where I believe we can take it.

What People Say About The Frunbu App

  • Pete Bogg

    Quick and Easy

    This app is great, it’s simple to use and it tends to keep me busy if another job changes or cancels at the last minute.

    Pete Bogg, Taylor Made Joinery
  • Pete Holden

    It’s free

    I use this app to fill gaps when an advert would be too late…and best of all, it’s free!!

    Pete Holden, Holden Electrical Services
  • Neil Shelley

    Saves time

    When a customer needs someone quick, we look on Frunbu first because if someone is saying that they’re free to work tomorrow or the day after, they generally are!

    Neil Shelley, Travis Perkins
Lincolnshire Digital Awards 2016 - Winner Best App